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I'm another dreaded e-collar user. But its only used once my dog understands the basics of obedience. The one key of having big powerful dogs of the same sex. Is not letting them correct each other when you are around them. You can stop most "fights" before they begin by knowing their body language. So I have "stop" as a command, it can stop them from chasing small animals and can stop them from getting into a fight.

Due to being rural and walking distance to the US/Canada border. My area despite being mostly very nice homes, does get some smuggling and drug dealing activity. I also used to drive a lot long distance. Rest areas late at night can be "dangerous". Since Canada has gun control, a good defensive hand gun is not an option. So my dogs are also somewhat personnel protection. I was at a rest area very late at night. I had my one girl Rottweiler Bailey with me on leash. A weird guy slowly started approaching me. One vibrate of the e-collar my Bailey not only paid attention, she focused on the guy and became the dog from heck. She kept him away by barking and growling between me and the guy. I wanted this response. I'm not into being a breed ambassador in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota at 2am!

Same dog started running towards the house across the street to their 2 year old kid playing in the front yard. A stop and vibrate got her attention and she stopped dead in her tracks. One come and she came to me.

Training can make people more comfortable with a mean looking dog. It can also make people think twice before they mess with my dogs!

All these incidences happened within a 5 mile radius of my house

July 2013: Five UN gang members pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder the Bacon brothers, their archrivals in the drug trade in the Fraser Valley. The accused have been in custody since their arrests in April 2009.

June 2013: 25-year-old Harpreet Chahal, an associate of one of the accused killers of Red Scorpion gangster Jonathan Bacon, was killed in a drive-by shooting at South Fraser Way and Emerson Street in Abbotsford.

February 2012: Police identified the man found dead in an Abbotsford field as 31-year-old Edmonton gangster Jimmy Chau.

February 2012: Notorious gangster Jarrod Bacon and his former father-in-law Wayne Scott were found guilty in B.C. Supreme Court of conspiring to traffic cocaine in 2009.

August 2009: Jessica Amber Illes and Bobby Leroy Digeorgio (linked to the Red Scorpions gang) were killed in Abbotsford.

June 2009: Jaswant (Billy) Rai, 36, was shot to death during a “targeted hit” on rural Spallin Avenue, off Mount Lehman Road in Abbotsford

May 2009: Dilsher Singh Gill, 17, and Joseph Randay, 18, were popular Abbotsford high school students when they were executed.

March 2009: Two young drug dealers working for the Red Scorpions gang were found killed in Abbotsford just nine hours apart — Sean (Smurph) Murphy, 21 and Ryan (Whitey) Richards, 19.

January 2009: Jamie Bacon (Red Scorpions) shot at in his vehicle at a busy Abbotsford intersection.

2006: Jonathan Bacon shot and injured in the driveway of the Bacon family residence in Abbotsford.
Having a cousin in the RCMP for the last 20 years and her husband is a 25 year veteran. You learn things that usually the person who robbed your house knows you in some way. It can be a neighborhood kid who tells a friend stuff about the people in the neighborhood. The associates of kids in your neighborhood are usually the culprits! Id rather the teenagers say oh that guy has bad a$$ trained Rottweiler(s), etc. VS other things that could make me a target.

pictured is my best trained dog thus far. Would you mess with her if she was growling and barking at you? Not likely........... I want at least the appearance of being well trained as that in itself is a huge deterrent.
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