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Originally Posted by CourtneyLynn View Post
Right now, the plan is to keep his appointment and get his thyroid checked. Since I have to pay for an exam anyway, I'll be getting them to do a complete wellness check on him as well. I have a couple other concerns (mainly a cyst on his chest that I've been watching - it's not growing, so I imagine it's just a fat cyst). I'm assuming his thyroid results will come back low, so I'll start him on the 6 week round of medication and if I don't notice any improvement by the time his 6 week follow up comes around, the vet and I will discuss a referral to a canine neurologist to start testing for epilepsy. I'd love to get this all solved quickly, but I know, logically, it'll be a stepping stone sort of a solution. Selfishly, I'm hoping his issues stem from a thyroid deficiency because I'm not ready to handle the worst case scenario - brain tumor or some type of rage syndrome. That's a death sentence for my poor guy and I'm not ready for that yet. Medicating him will bring him quick relief and I have no issues rearranging my schedule to medicate as required, but for something like rage syndrome... there's no real relief for that.

But at least I know he will never be left alone. If he can't be fixed, he will be managed until he's not manageable, and then he will be euthanized surrounded by people who love him.
Sounds like a good (and brave) plan to me. Please keep us updated when you can. We care and worry about every sick dog here (and try to support their people).
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