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This is something I'd want to hand over to a neurologist. Partial siezure dogs can be very dangerous. A neurologist is best suited to determine cause if these are partial siezures and if they can be controlled.

Unfortunately it's not uncommon to be unable to determine cause of this sort of sezure activity and equally impossible to then adequetly treat it.

Please, keep us posted on what is determined. I'd probably take him to the appoinment you have for tomorrow and get thyroid checked--and discuss with that vet the possibility of a siezure type issue going on.

Re: the results you posted from the original thyroid test. Along with the results you also need to post the reference range. The reference range is the high and low number that would consititute "normal" for a dog. ie: T4 1.7 Reference range 1.0 - 4.0 This would be for a lab called Antech (and actualy it's an older result--they revamped the numbers a few years ago.

And about Rage Syndrome. It's not common but it also isn't unknown in Dobermans. English Springers are the poster children for Rage Syndrome

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