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I really don't like to publicly talk bad about an organization that seemingly has good intentions but after my experience I don't believe this holds true for DRO, so here's what happened:

I recently went in to fill out an application for any dog they may get in the future that matches what I am looking for, and so they can determine which dog would be right for me. After meeting them I had a really good feeling and Jessica was super nice. I really liked them. Almost the next day a dog matching all my wants showed up on their Facebook so I messaged them and got a quick response saying that they are glad I reached out and that in fact the dog would be perfect for me, so we scheduled a visit for later in the week. I met the dog, we talked some more and she said he would be a good fit again and really got my hopes up about being able to get the dog. She did inform me that another family was coming to take a look at him, which I totally understand and truly just want the best candidate to end up with the dog. At the end of this visit she asked me to bring my girlfriend by to meet him as well, and we then scheduled for me to come up on the Sunday after his neutering. She said just to call when we were on our way up. So Sunday morning we start yet another 1.5 hour drive to have a full family visit. About halfway there I called, and Richard answered. I explained that we were on our way for our second visit of the dog. He came back with a quick "there are no appointments today" after explaining that I was talking with Jessica and in fact I did have one, he again stated that there are no appointments available. I asked to speak to Jessica, as maybe she could clarify the situation and he said "you won't get anything different from her" and then "she's not available". So I asked him to get her to call me when she was, which I knew he wouldn't. We turned back home heartbroken and confused and after arriving I sent a message addressed to Jessica on the dro facebook account where after two hours Richard replies with another dismissive response. I'm assuming they chose the other family, which again I have no problem with but they way Richard intervened without allowing me to talk to the person who I was actually in contact through the whole process was very rude, unprofessional, and disrespectful. We spent the entire week excited to meet the dog we were led to believe we had a good chance of getting and then were treated like we were never there in the first place. With no explanation as to why we were being ignored or why our second meeting was cancelled. We still haven't had an actual response from Jessica. Richard will not let me speak with her still.
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