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Zena is a doll (aka princess) and nicely spoiled / complete with nail polish and

I've never had a dobe puppy,that didn't bark when someone knocked on the house door.
- but since their +10 weeks old / I will wind them up, to a strange noise
- like "whats that - show Dad - good girly"
Some owners discourage their dog from barking, to the point of putting their dog in a bedroom crate, when someone is visiting.

^^ I know you guys are not in this later category / but some people are, and wonder why their dog won't protect the family.
- so my dogs are encouraged to bark & alert me, starting at a very young puppy age

Make it fun & engaging for Zena (by tone of your voice and mannerisms) / encourage the crap, out of a new person alerts & investigations.
- never too late / some just need a little help in confidence & appreciation in the job

PS - choke chains on backwards, don't naturally let go & won't easily loosen off at rest.
- other times, their too long & thick in link size
- take choke chain off and turn it 180 degrees / easier to show, than describe
- remove choke chain with right & left hand / flit hand & re-install

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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