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Originally Posted by kmbeach22 View Post
I have a rescue with natural ears and a docked tail. She was surrendered for the dumbest reason. I also adopted her as a puppy at 7 1/2 months. For your requirement (or your wife's), I think rescuing could still be a good option.

I know there are a couple working dog breeders who may leave ears natural. There may be some Canadian breeders who will. Then you'd be looking at importing. The issue for US breeders is that our standard is cropped and docked. Therefore; they should be breeding to the standard. Does she just not want to post or what? Bc I am posting for the first time (on 7.5" long full ear crop lol), and it's really not that bad.

A breeder can breed towards the standard, but the standard can only be created after birth and even that's wishy washy with the wording of the standard. #canofwormsopened

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