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We’re looking at that with Kip--though his symptoms haven’t been nearly as extreme as what you described with Dreizehn. But Kip does have irregular heartbeats (though his cardiologist says it doesn’t look exactly like “classic” DCM?) and he’ll just stand there looking sorta uncomfortable and blank--and when I check, his gums are pale.

Just did a echocardiogram on him yesterday, and he has irregularities in both ventricles, as well as a slightly...uh...inflexible septum. But the blood flow through his heart looks good and there is no worsening since he was tested back last July and put on pimobendan (vetmedin)--cardiologist says that is practically a miracle drug where hearts are concerned.

Added Sotalol to his meds (which you can get at a human pharmacy and isn’t too expensive.) Kip is in the Walgreen’s Prescription Savings Club--it is well worth the $20 or $25 yearly fee--you get good discounts on drugs they carry, and they will refund (store credit) the difference between how much you have spent and the cost of the fee at the end of the year if you haven’t needed to use the card.

We’re going to do a Holter in a month to see whether the problem appears to be controlled.

Was just reading over an article on irregular heartbeats (my research topic for the day ) and found the following list of symptoms:
• Fast breathing when resting or sleeping (> 30-35 breaths per minute)
• Increased effort associated with breathing
• Restless sleeping, moving around a lot and changing positions
• Coughing or gagging
• Weakness
• Reduced ability to exercise
• Collapse or fainting
• Decreased appetite
• Weight loss
• Distended belly
• Depressed attitude or quiet and not interactive

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