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Originally Posted by melbrod View Post
When Kip “almost” bloats, he invariably does a sort of gulping that the vet says means he is feeling nauseated, standing around and looking uncomfortable, yes, but sometimes also madly rushing around in the yard trying to find grass or other greens to eat. I can’t draw conclusions from my one dog’s reactions, I suppose, but it doesn’t really sound like what I see in Kip when he is having problems with gas.

Seems like mild seizure might be a good guess.

I’ve also heard an episode of irregular heartbeats can cause weakness and lack of energy in a dog, as well as rapid breathing and a kind of vague look or even fainting. Did you happen to notice whether his gums were pale or even white when he was showing symptoms? That can indicate heart problems (or shock or a bunch of other things--I have no idea what they would look like after a seizure.) I’d ask your vet about that possibility, especially given dobes’ tendency to heart problems--they can snap in and out of episodes of irregular heartbeats so he could have been acting normally at the vets yet still have a problem.
@ Mel... Yes. Absolutely.

@ Patchwork

Your dog's "episode" pretty much mirrors our boy Butcher (RIP) when he would have a Ventricular Tachycardia issue.(due to DCM).

Personally, I would do an echo and a 24 hour holter on Dreizehn. I know it is expensive. But, what price for piece of mind.

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