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Originally Posted by greenkouki View Post
He could have just gotten up from laying down and pulled a muscle or rotated his shoulder in a funky way causing that reaction. I wouldn't be overly worried since it was such a short episode, but definitely keep watching for patterns or additional odd behavior.
Maybe so. We are definitely keeping a good eye on him now!

Originally Posted by havenminx View Post
This is how Apollo acted when we thought he was bloating. We rushed as fast as we could to the vet but we live on an island so this involved a midnight lobster boat ride, and it took well over an hour. When we got there, Apollo was fine, and needed no surgery or anything. Final ruling was bloat but no torsion, or maybe gas. IIRC (this was a long time ago) my vet said dogs can "almost bloat." I wonder if this is what happened to Dreizehn? The staring, holding head low, lack of excitement breathing heavy, roaching, and refusing to lay down... it all was EXACTLY what we were seeing. We were less experienced owners back then; now I know bloat has many other, more concrete symptoms.

Regardless, it never happened again, and Apollo never did bloat. He died of osteosarcoma many years later. I hope D is OK.
I appreciate this knowledge - what a freak incident! Having to wait it out on a boat ride must have been very stressful, too (though it makes for an interesting story). Thank you, the two incidences do sound very similar.

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