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Trying to get used to the new layout but I generally agree with the others that it is too bright and not user friendly so here are my complaints

-Way too bright for those of us that suffer with migraines and headaches. I'd suggest either a monochromatic dark gray or brown page with the colourful bar on top and red accents(I think the red wouldn't be nearly as offensively bright on a darker page), or a light gray page with top bar and dark brown/tan instead of the red accents. Or offering light/med/dark skins that complement the new layout instead of giving us only this option or the old version. Giving the old version as an option will probably just make everyone switch back over.

-Clicking the top bar doesn't bring you back to the home page and instead goes directly to the forums. Not a fan...

-I think the new home page is eh. I liked the old home page that told you the current happenings on the page first, not the current posts of . Perhaps putting the sitenews on as the focus, with much smaller pics to link over to the petguide blog, maybe three horizontally to give page a sort of divider.

-I do appreciate the side bar with the most recent postings though I did prefer the old way of having them be neat on the home page. That being said, I don't like the fact that there's no way to skip directly to last page/post in the thread from the sidebar/homepage.

-I'm a bit confused as to how a thread gets to the popular threads list on the homepage. There isn't much correlation between them and they're in no real order. There's varying amount of comments on threads and different times and none of it makes sense......when talking about popular threads, the first one that comes to mind it the collarholics thread since it's so expansive and one of the most often updated threads..and it doesn't make an appearance.

--This one might be a bit nit-picky but the entire site seems a Like, I totally get wanting to update the website to a cleaner, crisper, more modern website but it's a bit wonky. While the colour choices weren't the best, I did feel like they helped modernize everything. But the top banner completely clashes with them. A red based graphic, maybe abstract, banner would have tied things together.
--If you do want to keep the current banner the way it is, I'd suggest sticking to blue/green accents. Dark olive green would be much easier on the eyes and tie the banner to the page.

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