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I am like my cat - I struggle with change. That being said, I force myself to adapt. I have been struggling with this all day.
Jeff, you ask earlier if I would explain why I was having trouble. I wrote a lengthy reply and sent it off. It never appeared!
Many of my 'Thanks' earlier would not appear and said I needed authorization.
There are myriad of ads I have to wade through.
I have been kicked off three times.
It is unfriendly to me, also, but I realize these things take time.
I liked the color scheme of the old format. It was pleasing and warm, inviting and classy.
On this first day, I have to say it is not faster. It is slower.
I am sure these things will be ironed out as you go along.
Wanted to say that I have had to back out and sign in and save info several times to go and say what I wanted to.
Thanks for your work and for trying to make it updated.
Crossing my fingers this post goes through.....

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