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You can teach a dog to respect you through submission and you can teach a dog to respect you through reward. In one instance they are respecting you through fear, in the other you are making it "their choice".

For the most part I like to use reward based training but there are times, when coached by a professional, when I think positive punishment is ok. With that said I think always starting with reward and when that method doesn't work then seek other methods.

I personally do not agree with going straight to punishment. Just because your dog is happy doesn't mean you're training is correct. They don't know any other life. Along the way you will make mistakes, I know I did training my first dobe, but you learn from them, from others as well, and move on. A friend of mine is a trainer and goes to people's houses where they often are using positive punishment and it's not working. He shows them how reward training, through redirecting works, they see it work and they still do punishment even though it's was failing from the get go. Don't be that person. Stay open to all kinds of training methods and try a few and see what works for you and your dog.
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