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Originally Posted by islandgirl View Post
I don't want a huge debate. I train with positive training but I must say I ain't no expert on either method. Jax is not allowed on furniture/he must wait for his food and I do take it away part way through feeding and then return it it him/ he exits house after me/he goes to mat when we eat. So I'm not sure I'd that is part of alpha training or good manners. As I said....I ain't no expert but I do know what I want my dog to do or NOT do. Perhaps I use a combination of training and when something is not working the way I want it to, I will ask those who have much more experience and expertise in this area.

Please don't fight......
I'm no expert but I'd say it's very similar to raising children. I am not my son's friend, I am his father. He lives in a very nurturing household but he knows mom and I rule the roost, and if he misbehaves he might get a pop on his behind. Of all the dogs we've owned directly (Pit bull, German shepherd, jack russell, daschshund, Chihuahua, various mutts) or indirectly (dogo argentinos, labs, bird dogs), one thing is clear in our household and that is: Humans are the boss! I've never see any issues with resource guarding or any aggression. All I've had are happy go lucky dogs who are eager to please their master.

The bottom line is no method is right or wrong. It's a case by case scenario. I just take offense to the bullies here who seem to think their way is the only way. It's not black and white.

Good luck with your training!
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