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"Victor" brand dog food???

I am wondering if anyone has any advice or opinions on this food regarding it's quality, or the reputation of the company. I am still looking for a higher quality food for Max and this was suggested by his breeder, although she has not used it herself. I'm not asking if he will do well on it - I know that's impossible to answer without trying it - just wondering how people feel about the quality. I've tried Orijen and Acana which were my first preferences but he cannot handle them. I also tried Petcurean "Now" and he did not like it - maybe because of the kibble size which was ridiculous - like a bowl of biscuits!

Anyways, I've checked the dog food advisor and it rates 5 stars. I also cannot find any recall information. It seems like a very good food, but I'm no expert at spotting bad ingredients so any opinions are most welcome and appreciated before I give this a try!!

I'm looking at the Victor Grain Free Hero Formula.


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