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own dogs visit a massage every 6 weeks and, if necessary Kraniosakraali therapy.

Kraniosakraali therapy is a natural method of light, but very impressive health care approach, where action takes place at the level of the central nervous system to improve its functioning. More specifically depicted treatment works with the body membrane system level. All tissues, organs and individual cells are surrounded by membranes through which the metabolism runs. If you have any problems at this level, it affects directly to the metabolic level and thus the symptoms arising from it and, ultimately, disease outbreak can be very diverse.

Kraniosakraali therapy to promote the natural healing process in the body and has been effective in the treatment process of various medical problems involving pain and dysfunction.
and the masseur is also specialized in medicinal leech
Short explination;
When attaching, sucking and releasing, the leech injects saliva into the wound. In this saliva, there are a lot of substances That enter the wound and the patient. The substances act as anticoagulants and anti-inflammatories. They also have a bacterial, antibiotic and pain Reducing effect.
whether those tried and tested / recommended?

agility dog ​​maintenance and condition maintenance is challenging when the Doberman is not it one of the smaller and lighter dogs in the ring.
I hope all goes well
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