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The dumbell retreive

I have been training schutzhund for several years and have been very fortunate in being able to train with a very good club, and to have the training advice of Dean Calderon, who happens to live near us and trains with our club on occasions. I have been a GSD owner trainer for most of those years but recently aquired a Dobe through a rescue situation and have been working her in obedience and schutzhund and have just started the dumbell retreive with her, I have always been taught and used the method of truly finding out what works best for the dog your working, while yes there are lots of ways to fine tune the act once you teach it, to make it crisp and right on, You still have to find out the best way to start this training with your dog, wether it be with food, with toy, with praise,etc, I am personally using the toy drive and praise with food, This is whats working for me with this particular dog. I would say find out what works best for your dogs drive and termpermant, this is what will help you to be truly succesful in your endeavors. Dont forget that training with an experienced trainer and doing the research to learn the best way to train properly is always the best step.

Just an opinion

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