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I agree Dobeman,

That's about as "forced" as my retrieve gets. Happy tones, no collar force nor forcing with pain (the "two collar pull" is just distasteful to me). Ear pinching and choking are not, to me, a good way to treat your partner. Holding and retrieving are two separate things, mind you. What was in my video was just teaching the "Hold" command, and at the end you got to see a little "bring" and that's how we teach it.

Now, having said that, every dog is different, Silence did not take to his clicker or marker training with free shaping, which is how I preferred to teach it. Touch, click, touch, click, ect. He was more interested in um...everything else, lol, including the gum I was chewing and was stolen, yes STOLEN out of my mouth, oops, lol. No worries, he did not get too far with it.

But, yes, do be careful, you can ruin your relationship with your dog if you are too rough, impatient, or just downright frustrated with it. Yes, the dog may retrieve anything, but he will never like you for it.
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