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Originally Posted by jimtc View Post
How do you teach the dumbbell retreive? I have heard all the following

Some force open the mouth and place the dumbbell

Some back tie and put pressure on the prong collar (or other collar) until the dog opens his mouth. then place the dumbbell

Others use play drive to stimulate the dog into biting the dumbbell. What if the dog doesn't have the drive?

Still others pinch the ear
I can't go into the whole deal in a couple of sentences. A year or so ago my TD did a 2 day seminar on just the retrieve. First of all we don't start with a dumbbell we use a wood dowel with a line attached to it to start. At the very beginning we use a back tie and kind of use the dowel almost like we would a tug to take it. If they release before they are supposed to then they are stressed until they re-bite. There is pressure applied to the line which is attached to the dowel, so the dog has to grip firmly or loses it and then the stress/conflict is re-applied until they get a good grip. This is done until the dog keeps a firm grip. Then the dowel is replaced with a break apart dumbbell that my TD invented. It is carried by Schweikert in their catalog (The LC Dumbbell) The exercise is done backwards from finish to start. Going out and getting the dumbbell is the last thing they learn. The finished product is a dog that comes back to the handler as fast or faster than they go out to it. There are many, many other components to it but that is kind of a brief outline. Here is a little more:

WCGSSC web site

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