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Originally Posted by Gretchen_Red View Post
I have a few questions if you don't mind. There are some matches coming up in May, do you think that's too early for us to compete if we started class in January?
Matches range from causal to formal. A fun match or show and go is relaxed and informal. You pay for "X" amount of ring time, and can do pretty much your own thing. A more formal match is run just like a trial, with ribbons and placements, the only difference being that they don't count towards titles. If it's a fun match, and you think ya'll are capable of doing everything, and not falling apart, I would at least try it.

Also, what's the difference between Novice A & B? A means you've earned a title before right? And B is me because I've never competed?
Actually, you have that backwards. A is for dogs and handlers who have never won a title. B is for people who have titled dogs and/or dogs with obedience titles. This is a handy tool to help determine which class you need to be if for AKC and UKC rally and obedience.

Lastly, There's a match on May 2nd that's All Breed competitive and a match May 16th for the Doberman's club that's just a fun class with a competitive class on the 17th. I would REALLY love to do the one on May 2nd but do you think it would be better to sit tight and do a fun match first to get experience under my belt? (I probably know the answer to this I just don't want to hear it) Thanks everyone for your help, some of your advice took us a long way very quickly!
Given the choice, I'd wait, and just do the fun match on the 16th. Doesn't mean you can't go see what it's like, though, especially if it's a formal match. I jumped into trialing waaaaayyy too soon with both Ilka and Leo. Ilka managed to get some titles, but she really hated showing. Leo went to one trial when she was about 18 months, and she fell completely apart.

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