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Originally Posted by MJK View Post
I have so sad story, bought puppy from Serbian breeder in july, after we came home, we saw that there was something wrong in her back legs, i connect this breeder many times and he was just telling me not to worry and saying "sometimes pups grows funny" , we went to specialist and found out that there was an old fracture in the left femur between middle and distal thirds of the bone. Her leg have been growing so wrong and the "healthy"l leg was destroyed too, there was nothing we cud do to save her, surgery was hopeless.
And this was all becouse NOBODY from this kennel, breeder, kennel workers or even their vet DID NOT SEE THIS!!! So mutch pain for this puppy and why?
Too mutch puppies, no time to take care of them properly, and her sister, she had somekind of "accident" too, breeder told me that his worker left a lamp too low and in his web side he was selling this puppy by telling that her mother bite her.... Lot of stories from this breeder. All that mathers is getting more money.
He keeps deny that he did not see this, hard to belive after selling so many puppies... I probably wont ever get my costs from him but atleast i can tell around the world warning to not buy any puppy from this breeder.
I don't want new puppy from him, this really did open my eyes from these kind of breeders and i don't wanna support this kind of puppy factory!

And my puppy was from kennel BETELGES, Serbia
Understandably, you are VERY upset at the experience. But then, you don't want to jump out of the fryin' pan and into the fire either! Stay calm and don't exactly OVER-react by damning an ENTIRE country (lol)!! While I am in no position to make an assessment of what may or may not have occured in your personal dealings here, I can at least remind you that jackasses do greatly ABOUND both locally and abroad. So you will also want to improve at being more discerning and efficient as you take maybe a little MORE time at seeking to acquire the dog that you yourself have in mind.

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