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kimbertalks puts it bets: they are a BUSINESS.

And, with any business, the best way to get a clear objective picture of their overall quality is to research multiple sources.

Going to the business' own website, in order to investigate it, is akin to the fox watching the henhouse.

Any references they give you are, naturally, going to be positive. Why in the world would they point you to folks who have had bad outcomes?

Further, because a lot of the names of the dogs are very Euro sounding--and the "titles" are often not really verifiable, many newer folks to this breed are suitably impressed and think they are buying "top quality."

A business will cater to and court potential buyers, so a searcher for a Doberman will likely get lots of stroking and handholding, lots of attention and interaction--leading them to conclude that the folks they are giving their money to are "nice."

Read, research, look at codes of ethics, decide what you condone, and what you do not, then give your money to people with true character, who are, literally, championing this great breed, and striving for the best for the dogs and the puppy's new family.

If you already have a dog from a less than reputable breeder, or a commercial mill, or a dog that descends from those lines, please do love that dog as you would any innocent being, but learn about kennels such as these, and make better decisions in future, as well as passing on what you've learned to other new folks.

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