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Changing the Rules

When Ivan was lure coursing I had to argue with a judge that Ivan, a non-sight hound, was indeed allowed to wear a collar. I even had participants telling me I was wrong. Thankfully I had the rules on my phone and the judge stopped arguing immediately when he realized I wasn't gonna just shrug my shoulders and give up.

I have Maiya signed up for the CGC at the end of the month. Her loose leash walking isn't that hot, but I figured I'd give it a go and work on it between now and then. According to the rules, a slip collar made of chain is acceptable. Of course the e-mail I rec'd from the organization said flat buckle ONLY. I want to use a choke chain and have e-mailed the organization.

I'm fine with people wanting to use a positive approach to training, but if the rules say I can use XYZ, then guess what, I'm allowed to use XYZ. I find it irritating that AKC representatives make up or don't know their own rules.

Anyone else encounter this?
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