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Tutorial: How to start a thread

First register with the forum. It is free and will give you the ability to post comments, start threads and put up pictures for everyone to see. You can introduce yourself on the "New Members" page if you like.

If the page with our list of forums does not come up immediately for you, click on the button "Forums" towards the left on the bar near the top of the page. You should then have a new page which lists all the different forums you can choose from.

Find the category that seems to fit what you want to say the best and click on that title. (You only need to post one thread about your topic; please don't start a new thread with the same text in another forum.) A new page will be displayed which has lots of active threads you can browse through and comment on, and a gray button near the top that says "New Thread". Click on that and you will see a page with a space to type in your title (you must have a title for your thread to have it show up on the forum). Below that is another bigger space where you can type your text.

After you've spoken your piece scroll down. You will see the buttons "Submit New Thread" and "Preview Post".

It is always a good idea to recheck your text.

Check to see if it is easy to read. *Hint--short paragraphs with a space between each one are much easier for others to follow than a big block of text.* See if your post actually says what you wanted to say--after your thread is posted you will have about twenty minutes to correct your errors, and then your mistakes are permanent for all to see O.o
You can correct your mistakes in the white box above the preview (which shows how your thread will look when it is submitted.)

When you are sure you have what you want, click on "Submit New Thread", and you're done! If you have edited your post, click on “Save".

Welcome to DT!
We hope you will start many more threads after this, your first one.

One more addition--as a newcomer to this forum, until you have posted a few times and become active here, your posts and threads will be moderated. You may not see your work right away--we moderators aren’t necessarily online at all times--just wait and see if your input pops up sometime in the next few hours after you have posted it before trying to post a repeat.

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