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I used to work in medical admin. I can't tell you the insane complaints about the cost of things we received daily. Things like "I can't afford that medicine for my kid. I have to pay the cable bill because they'll shut it off soon so how can I buy these pills?" Loved the family of 5 that came in with McDonald's bags for each of them ( a good $40 on junk), then got nasty and complained when they had to pay their $3 copay or not be seen by the doctor.

I also volunteer at the food bank. I have all the sympathy and respect for those who walk or ride their bike to come get food for themselves and their pets. Can't say I have much respect or tolerance for people who show up with their iphones, wait in their cars with the engine running and ask for dog food for their 8 week old purebred puppy, etc.

What people claim to be an unavoidable shortage of funds is almost always very avoidable. People don't want to hear you have to be responsible and make intelligent choices so you can afford emergencies. If you are living on welfare or entitlement programs; you can't afford to feed or properly care your own kids so you honestly can't afford a pet.

People should be saving for the pet LONG BEFORE they go puppy or kitten shopping but because saving isn't fun, they don't bother to do it. Responsible shelters and rescues take this into account when people want a pet. Adopters who can't afford to care for the animal they want get denied. Then they make the effort to save for a purchase because there is rarely any evaluation or background checks done there....then they go right back to bad irresponsible spending habits.

Still honestly can't afford vet care and quality food for a pet? Do your research and adopt a pet who has a lifetime care plan set up by their previous owner. They usually don't cover everyday expenses like food but generally cover all medical expenses. If you're still willing to sacrifice the health and quality of life of a pet in favor of getting the exact breed/age/color, etc you want but can't afford; SHAME ON YOU.

We regularly evaluate if pet insurance would be worthwhile and for us it wouldn't at this point. We are super committed to prevention, daily exercise, quality food, low stress, not letting our dogs run loose, etc. We also get a fair discount on our vet bills because we foster a steady stream of dogs at our own expense and have been going to our super awesome vet for years. Our vet is sick of people paying $$$ for bathing, grooming and expensive dog clothing then complaining they have no money for vet care.

Sad but not all vets are respectable business people or they may love animals but have poor diagnostic skills. just like saving before you get the pet, it's really important to utilize a well recommended vet before you have health emergencies.
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