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So let me get this straight. You are going to medical school for 10 years or more to learn all about the field of endeavor you wish to pursue, but you think you can become a competent dog breeder by going on line and asking a few questions? I have to take a breath before the top of my head blows off... I am a breeder for the last 25 years, and by the way I'm still learning. I don't breed Dobermans but the learning curve is the same for every breed. First I worked for a veterinarian for several years, then I did an apprenticeship for another 3 years with a breeder and exhibitor of Dalmatians. Yes I started out cleaning kennels and feeding and exercising dogs. Mrs. Reiman, may she rest in peace, taught me a wealth of knowledge I carry with me to this day. What I'm saying, if you haven't figured it out, is that anything in life that's worth doing is worth doing right.
Study your breed, study health, nutrition, exercise requirements and most of all the genetic health issues of the Doberman before you ever entertain the thought of breeding.
Then study what is involved in breeding and raising a litter, it's not a piece of cake. It's a 24-7 commitment. Even after your dogs are health tested and clear of genetic diseases you need to evaluate if they compliment each other, physically, genetically and emotionally.
Case in point, I have a champion Bitch, I bred her to a ROM Champion male and they had 2 puppies, one had a neurological problem and had to be put down and the other was born with one eye. Needless to say their genes didn't work together. That's very rare but I mentioned it to make a point. No, you don't have to raise show dogs but you darn well better raise sound and genetically and temperamentally healthy dogs or you are just adding to the problem. It seems to me you don't want to put in the ground work you just think it's a piece of cake and you will make some extra money with very little effort. I may be wrong but that is how it sounds to me. Just sayin"

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