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Originally Posted by falnfenix View Post
argh, stupid touchpad making me thank posts i want to quote.

anyway. agreed, lots of folks can't afford that kind of money...because they don't consider pets worth saving if they're in need. i'm unsure if it's because animals are still considered disposable, or what.

we spent over $5k in a week on a terminal puppy. he had a birth defect that was not survivable. we would have put him on dialysis if that could have saved his life...we would have done a kidney transplant (and a friend of mine owns his littermate who offered a kidney if we needed it) had it helped. still, we spent what we did to keep him healthy and with us as long as we could...and i would have done it all over again.

we were prepared for the expense, however, as we had a savings account with a significant sum in it specifically for possible emergencies. this is what i would consider responsible animal husbandry. it's just a shame most people don't agree with that view.

Wow that's a lot. To be honest, I wouldn't spend that kind of money on my horses. I love my animals dearly but they are just animals. I had a pig on the farm that we just adored. I don't know how she injured herself but it was down to the bone. The vet quoted us a starting price of $1500. Needless to say we had her put down.

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