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Originally Posted by Dikadog View Post
Can someone give me honest advice?..

It seems like for some reason it's '2 pup craziness' around me.. I know 3 families who got to pups at once! 1 having two rotties for a while now (they are realtives of my bf so I don't evene want to say anything not to sound rude..).

Another reatives of my bf JUST got two labrador mix girls of around 8-9 weeks..
And one client very nice girl, who bred her Dogo Bordo and decided to keep 2 boys from the litter (they are around 10 weeks now)..

Would you in my place:
- Suggest them to read this post
- advice to get rid of one pup..


I more care about the girl as she is very nice person and she has GSD girl and mum of two pups and a kid of herself.. It's not realy my business, but I prefer to be helpfull when I can to nice people. Bf's relatives are a bit on a difficult side..

any advice please?.
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