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I work at a vet clinic. Em gets protocol shots. Haven't wormed her very much. She's not into all the garbage that is in a corral with livestock. She was being shown pretty extensively and with all that is out there, I wasn't going to chance her getting something that I could have prevented with a vaccine. I do routine bloodwork every month on her because of the copper problem she has, and every now and then an xray gets thrown in or a ultrasound.

I will have to stand up for vets. They have a huge education debt to pay off, and those blood machines, digital xray machines don't come cheap nor does the malpractice insurance.

I believe everyone should research. Come in the office knowledgeable and let us help you. We learn a lot from breeders. They know their breed and ALL the problems that go with it. Be an advocate for your pet. And I do argue with the vets I work with. But I do trust them for the most part. And I do bring them DT articles to read all the time.
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