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Originally Posted by Rosemary View Post
I have a question for those of you that have some experience. What are y'all using as an indication? For tracking, I've trained a down for articles. Would that be acceptable in nosework also, or do they need to paw at it or otherwise touch it?
Originally Posted by DogsR4Life View Post
In SDDA they say to allow your dog to indicate in their own way. Pawing, biting, or physically moving the hide can DQ you. Chase has this VERY obvious indicator, all it is is him whipping his head around to look at me. If I pause, he goes back to the hide, points with his nose, and play bows or sit.

As long as the indication is clear as day to the judge, it can be anything.
The same applies to NACSW - the advice is to allow your dog to indicate in their own way.

Over the last couple of years, Maiya has added indicators as our training progressed. She started out indicating by turning her head around to look at me but now also paws and nose touches. With pawing, you could get a fault if there is damage (depends on the judge) but you are allowed a certain number of faults in a trial so I'll take the pawing for now.

At NW1 and NW2 trials, you are allowed to list up to 3 indicators on the trial entry. But if your dog doesn't indicate with one of those 3, you can still call an alert. The judge may ask you "where?" (where is the source?) especially for NW1 trials and you need to be able to point to the source. But even when Maiya has clearly indicated to me with one of our 3, I have been asked to point to the source by a judge. Again, depends on the judge.
I need to look up the rules about indicators for NW3.
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