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What type of crate do you use and what materials does your doberman lie on?She has the biggest plastic crate i could find and she has either a giant bed in there or pillows and blankets.
How did you train your doberman to use the crate, how long did it take?Trinity hated being in the crate when she was little so i never really crate trained her but now thats she older i can put her in there and she is fine.
What uses does the crate serve for you and how does your doberman see the crate? (bedroom, punishment, etc)If we have the house open and we dont want her to run out we will put her in it or if something is wrong with her and we dont want her to move to much. Trinity i think sees it was a bedroom but i'm not sure.
When did you stop using the crate?I stopped really using the crate at 6 months old and now i only use when i dont want her to move that much.
What techniques did you use to Housebreak/potty train you doberman?(puppy pads, etc)I would let her out about 8 times a day and as she started to grow up i slowly cut back on how often i let her out. Now i only let her out 2 - 3 times.
How long did it take it become 100% reliable, no more mistakes?That took about 3 - 4 months i think
How does your Doberman alert you that they need to go out? She doesnt alert us she so use to being let out she just holds it till we let her out
Do they go on different surfaces and in new locations easily? (if traveling and no grass is available)I have never seen trinity go on anything other then grass but of course i dont travel with her because she some how got trained not to use the restroom when her leash is on.
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