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Male on male aggression, what happens

when you stupidly let your guard down.

Beneath the bandage are two puncture wounds, less than a centimetre from Russells jugular.

He now has stitches and a drain in his neck and is on some pretty strong painkillers and antibiotics.

What happened was all my fault. I stupidly let my guard down. You see I was working on one of the terraces, Toby beside me whilst Russell was with my hubby on the top piece of land, around a hundred metres apart.

In between our WFFA was clearing a load of branches from the terrace midway from us both. He was picking them up and throwing them to one side when this must have caught both Russells and Tobys eye, they obviously thought he was throwing the sticks for them. Naturally they went after them.

Immediately Toby left my side I called him back and for an instant he hesitated but then our WFFA (innocently) threw another stick and he went after it, as did Russell.

As they met at the sticks landing point Russell growled and Toby just went ballistic. He grabbed Russell by the neck and started to shake him. I screamed at him to let go but he was in a frenzy.

I ran towards them and grabbed Toby and punched him hard on the head when he wouldn't let go of Russell as I commanded.

We rushed Russell to the vets and she said he was one lucky little dog.

I was so stupid. I thought the distance was enough. I thought I could keep a close enough eye on Toby.

Please, please, please, no matter how long it has been since your dogs had a spat, how long it has been since they looked at each other in a funny way, do not relax.

Heaven only knows what this will cost us in euros, however, it surely is tiny compared to the fear and pain Russell suffered because of my idiotic decision to have both Russell and Toby out at the same time.

Please send healing vibes to my poor little boy.

Toby by the way didnt have a scratch on him, though he was seeing stars when I got up to them. I gave him such a punch in the head I swear I heard bells ring. It was the only way I could get him to release Russell.
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