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I think that pet insurance is a good option if you have enough money to have it from the get-go.

My philosophy is this:

I know going into it, that I can't afford a $10,000 kidney operation on a dog or a cat or a $20,000 round of chemotherapy. Most people, actually .... can't. It is an imperfect world, and truth be told, most dogs have little more than a decade lifespan anyway.

I go into pet ownership emotionally prepared to face this. I realize that this is not a popular answer, but I am telling the truth.

Cats and dogs don't think like we do. They are cats and dogs. They don't think "oh if I had three more years, I could watch my grandpuppy graduate from Petco's good canine citizen class" ... no. They live for the moment.

If one of my pets went through something as painful as chemotherapy, s/he would probably be wondering why.

My philosophy is that prevention is the best cure. For example, solve problems before they happen, such as spaying, neutering, vaccinating, microchipping, leashing, put a tag on his collar, heartworm prevention, etc. Feed the dog a standard diet etc. and don't do stupid stuff like feed him weird stuff or play mind games with him or leave him alone with kids or freaky people. I honestly think that the basics have been in place for decades now, and they are reasonable and affordable, and if you follow those rules, your pet is likely to die of old age.

Basically if I can prevent accidents from happening, I can prevent the subsequent vet bills.

I also think that if people don't have a lot of money they should get a medium-sized dog that is a mix of breeds so they have less medical problems. From what I have seen, some purebred dogs are complete lemons and so are some really large ones and really small ones.

If you can barely afford the doberman puppy, don't get one. Vets will probably not cut you slack, if they see that you have some fancy-schmantzy dog. That is like driving up to the food pantry in an Escalade.

In the case of a doberman owner who has suddenly fallen on hard times, and can't pay a medical bill, I would say that it depends on a few factors such as the age and temperament of the dog and the complication. Knowing he has fallen on hard times, he should be emotionally prepared to give the dog to a rescue, and even have one picked out, if the dog has something come up that is indeed repairable. Like if you know that your bank account is in arrears, already be in contact with a rescue, just in case something bad happens. That would be my advice. If the dog is really old, perhaps his time has come.
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