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Originally Posted by robinb View Post
Showing is expensive, especially when you factor in the time, travel and handler fees. I donít know the average cost to put a championship on a bitch but would guess between $5,000 to $10,000 in the states, as the bar as far as points and majors is higher here than in Canada. If I am wrong please chime in to correct me.
You can't factor in "showing costs". It's a hobby and not even remotely necessary (my personal opinion is that ribbon-chasing is detrimental to the breed). Now, if it meant more as a fundamental breeding-fitness examination like the ZTP, THAT would be a breeding-related business expense.

None are making money, EVER, if you figure the land, facilities, time and vehicles into the equation.
You can't factor in lifestyle choices or things you mostly use personally. I have land, I have outbuildings, I have larger vehicles which are almost certainly larger than most dog breeders, since horses are my hobby/lifestyle choice. And actually, the costs of my lifestyle choices are kind of lower than most of the alternatives.

As for health testing expenses, it sure might be nice to eliminate some of those if more folks were to focus more on longevity and health, rather than show ribbons as breeding qualifications. But even as things sit, most folks are probably paying too much. Don't dog people have co-ops to get your occasional-use things from on the cheap? Don't you ever get together and schedule your vet needs as a group so you can negotiate prices down? Have you ever asked a vet for any sort of professional or bulk discount? A litter's worth of ear crops should be substantially cheaper each than a one-off.

Originally Posted by MaryAndDobes View Post
Three of those litters were 2 puppy litters.

There were 2 other litters where I went through all of the motions (and expense) that didn't take at all.

You know, I kept almost all of the receipts from the first singleton litter and kept careful track of the expenses. It cost me $5400 to produce that one puppy. I guess I should have factored in those expenses and sold him for $5400. Right ....
Sounds like you may have been breeding bitches that were not reproductively sound. A situation like that is where I, personally, would drop the animal from a breeding program, it only leads to propagating infertility, and by canine standards, that's practically sterility. It's bad for the bottom line, and it's bad for the breed. Not judgin', just sayin'.
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