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Originally Posted by kaloric View Post
But I really, truly believe that people who want to be the best of the best, and put the work in, can and should turn a profit even if it's not a full-time job (whether they like it or not!).
Are we supposed to have a crystal ball that tells us that we shouldn't spend $1000 health testing a specific bitch and then don't take a week off work, don't drive across the country and stay at a cheap motel, don't spend the money on progesterone tests because that breeding isn't going to take anyway?

Are we supposed to know that the "litter" is going to be one puppy?

That is the sort of thing that happens to breeders that we have no way of predicting, yet costs us money.

Also, I think when one tries to turn this hobby into a profit and thinks only in a business sense, which you seem to think should happen, dogs and puppies are going to die. Spending money to save them, if necessary, apparently wouldn't happen on your watch because it wouldn't make good business sense.

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