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Originally Posted by justduff3324 View Post
I'm going to use this link to talk about the price, the other one was in non-US currency and I didn't want to do conversions.

I put the following numbers into a spread sheet based on what was listed in the link. Some are still a guess as some of the prices were not complete: IE Formula was given in a per package price but didn't say how many packages were needed.

reason cost
vWB 135
thyroid 140
heart 100
cardiac 60
hip 230
eye 57
liver 100
vet 100
stud 1500
flight 600
breed test 240
welping box 300
kit 120
birth/c-section 1000
formula 150
dew claws 20/puppy
register 22/puppy
shots 25/puppy
crop 250/puppy

The only one in this list I wouldn't include in the base price of a puppy is a c-section (unless you know for sure you will be having one). I am of the belief it is unfair to charge for something that "might" happen and then pocket the cash if it doesn't, yes I'm aware this is how insurance works and I hate the concept.

This time the only costs I made 1 time were (vWB, cardiac, hip, tests and a whelping box), these were listed in the post as only needing to be done once.

I also allocated an extra $200 per puppy as misc costs, the more puppies you have the more costs you have.

Based on this, not including C-Section, assuming a bitch has 1 litter and all costs are associated to the puppies had.

8 puppies would incur a cost of $996 per puppy, total of $7,968 for the litter.
6 puppies would incur a cost of $866.75 per puppy, toal $6934 for the litter.
I guessed a litter of 6 would be $800 per puppy.

That being said the post above the says "In my conversations with people that are interested in breeding Dobermans, I advise that at the very least they are likely going to need approximately $5,000 set aside to cover expenses, both expected and unexpected."

I have allocated over $5,000 per litter, with the flexibility of it to cost more based on the number of puppies you have. I did look up breeders listed on this site to get a feel for how many puppies come in a litter. The most I saw was 12, in a litter of 12 the cost per puppy is 1254.5.

All that being said lets say my estimates are wrong and add $300 per puppy to cover additional costs (that's $500 extra per puppy I'm adding for costs I don't know about). This would make a litter of 12 cost $1500 per puppy, and a litter of 6, which is closer to average, cost ~$1100 per puppy.

Again I'm not saying a quality litter should sell for $150 per puppy, I do realize that doesn't even cover the cost of the cropping of ears. My debate has been $2,000+ is over priced, using the article provided by you I think my point is valid.
What you don't count for is the breeders TIME - it is pretty much a 24/7 job for at least 8 weeks. Trust me when I say that for an average sized litter of 7 that had no major issues (c-section, disease, etc...), if you factor in the time issue we are making slave labor wages at $2000 a puppy.

Remember, that none of the figures include the cost of showing, and for me a heart ultrasound at a low cost clinic put on by my club costs $175 - if I went to the same cardiologist individually, it would cost over $400. Heart testing, thyroid, blood panels are done every year... so it is an ongoing cost. That list is the bare basics.... most of us spend a lot more. With my last litter, I dna tested every puppy for vwd (there could only be clear or carrier) and coat color. That cost $800 alone.

In addition, every owner has pretty much 24/7 access to me for the life of their puppy ... and beyond. I'm pretty sure that is worth something to most puppy buyers.

My last thought on this topic - I don't breed very often, and I never have a shortage of people wanting to buy one of my puppies and happily paying what it costs for a well bred dog with lifetime breeder support. There will also always be people who will not pay for a well bred dog, but want a puppy. Nothing I can do about that either. Those people will continue to frantically search the internet for answers when they have questions... because they don't have a good breeder to call. A good majority of them will either rescue the next time or search for a good breeder because they have learned that the extra cost is well worth it.
I have produced a total of 19 puppies in my 20 years in this breed - all of the owners know about Doberman Talk because I tell them about it. One or two of them come on here occasionally, but none of them have ever needed to come on here to find answers for their questions..... I'd like to think that is because they get the help they need without having to search the internet for it. How much is that worth?

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