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Originally Posted by Robin Luther View Post
I have to agree with all of the above wholeheartedly, and truthfully the only Doberman I ever laid out any cash for to obtain was my rescue girl Mimi.... I have also tried hard to point people wanting a Doberman to rescues rather than breeders, but unfortunately most reputable rescues have to charge as much or more for a dog than they can buy a cute little puppy for from a BYB or Puppymill.

However I have laid out a lot of money on health issues for six dobermans who are part of our extended family and no telling how many dobermans I have donated money to where the owners were over their heads in health bills.

Personally I am not a show person nor would I ever have the patience to train a dog for any show venue, I just want a pet..... I know that phrase has a bad connotation here so let me explain what I mean by using it.....

I want a dog that has a temperament that can be relied on, good health, as free as possible of genetic disease, and decent longevity. I also realize that I will never be what most really good breeders would want for an owner of a wonderful show quality puppy from fabulous lines. So even having the means to purchase such a pup does not mean I will ever get one.

The sire and dam of Boss were both health tested and when my son bought him he was shown all the test results, none the less we have a much loved boy with DCM although he is vWd clear by parentage and has no other issues and undoubtedly is the most intelligent of all of the family dobies (also the most velcro), He simply became ours because he chose us above all others.

I decided a long time ago that there are far too many dobermans in need of a home for it to be fair (for me) to buy one. But I sure would like to have a puppy that I could reasonably expect to live a normal life span.
Rescuing is definitely a great decision. But just wanted to touch on this. There is NOTHING wrong with a dog being [just] a pet. There are dogs that aren't show quality in every litter (not that they are bad just not what the breeder is looking for at the time usually.) Which is what this thread was originally about. You can buy a pet from a great breeder that breeds for show.

All of my dogs are pets first and foremost, then they are show dogs.

Sadly, cardio is everywhere. All you can do is stack the odds in your favor and hope for the best.
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