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And at the same time if i may excersize my opinion, while i agree, i feel as though every dog (dobe, or not mix mutt whatever) deserves a good home. I am currently in the process of finding homes for some small 6 breed mutt puppies. They may have health problems they may not, my 4 breed rat mix ( mind you these puppies were gifted, no money asked) has been in best of health since we got her. Sheer Luck i suppose. but to chalk it off like some of these animals should be discarded put down or forced to go to a shelter (where theyll end up euthanized anyways) Just isnt fair.

Now like i've said in the past, i happen to have a Doberman, Who has defects, they may be from inbreeding, they may be Z factor, it could be a mix further back in the bloodline. who knows. What I do know, is in the future, having done research yes if im looking for a "Pedigree doberman" i will be turning a blind eye to BYBs and finding a reputable one with papers registration the whole 9yds. why? because i might just get lucky with this one and have no issues. or god forbids she could keel over at age 3.

In any case i come from the belief any dog you acquire should be recognized as a family memeber first and whatever else you want second. just my .02
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