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Originally Posted by Rosemary View Post
I'll staying at the one at I-10 and Mason Rd. According to their website, it's like 35 miles, and is the closest one to Cat Spring. There were a couple of other chains that were closer, but too expensive for me.

Maybe by the time I've put an OTCh/UDX on Leo, I'll stop displaying all of the ribbons my dogs and I earn. Or not.
Ok. I know exactly where you're at then. Super close to my house. And at least you're right off the freeway cause Mason can be a nightmare on Saturdays!

Nope...once you put an OTCH/UDX on Leo you'll expect them ALL to have OTCH/UDX's and then you'll really be addicted like the ladies at my training club.

Damn...I wish you were closer. You could train at HOT with us!

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