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How did you teach your Doberman to not pull on a leash? Any particular methods did you use?
At first I used the 180 method which is when your dog gets ahead of you you turn the opposite way but Chico decided he was still going to continue his way. I tried alot of different techniques I can't remember but eventually I turned to pulling his collar.

At what age did you start to see any improvements? How often do they need reminders?
I started seeing improvements with Chico's heeling at about 12 to 15 weeks old, then at about 6 months he went through a "I don't remember anythign" phase. So I had to go back and re teach everything.

What type of collar and leash do you use? (prong, harness, flexi, etc)
I used a prong for training. When we are at the park he's on his buckle collar and 20ft lead. I tried a halti on him but he went crazy, so I stuck to the prong. Now he walks calmly on a buckle collar, but sometimes I have to put the prong on to correct him.

What distractions are the hardest to overcome?
The hardest distractions WERE other dogs. I had to work hard to make him ignore other dogs.

Are there any particular situations that you find more difficult to walk in than others? (Large crowds, parks, other dogs around)
Nope. My dog knows heel and thats all that matters. Nothing around him should matter (he should still be alert) and it never does.
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