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In the UK there are 2 insurers I know of that will pay your vet almost immediately. Vetsure and more than. I'm with more than and I pay 32.08 (about $50) a month for each dog. My cover: vets fees including alternative medicine up to 7000 (about $11,000) per incident or illness. So he could have 4 separate illnesses in a year so technically I could be covered for 28,000 ($44,000) that in itself helps me sleep at night as there are no lifetime limits. Death from injury is 600 ($948) death from illness before 9yrs is 600 ($948) loss due to theft or straying 600, advertising and reward 600, kennel fees (not that I would ever put them in kennels, ever) 600, pet holiday protection 1250 and third party liability up to 2million ($3,160,000). When vetsure quoted me it was just over 50 ($79) for each dog per month but the vets fees not including alternative medicine was only up to 5000 ($7900) So for all the brits out there, if you can find a good vet that accepts more than insurance, you can sleep soundly at night. The policy is well worth what I pay monthly.

The excess is 70 and 10% of the rest of the costs. So if you have to go to the vets and the treatment costs are 700 you only pay the 70 + 63 a total of 133 : ) Please look into it
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