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Canis Maximus - Humane Investigator Report (Part 2 of 2)

(Completion of the original post, which was too long for one posting...)

Deputy Reese and I returned to the property on Friday January 17, 2013 for a follow up visit. Mrs. Barrett’s mother had just come from Russia and had imported/ brought with her another male Doberman Pinscher as well as the mother had super cleaned the inside of the house so there was a huge improvement in cleanliness of the basement areas. She had also cleaned up the room to the side of the garage as well as removed the fecal matter form the kennel building but there was still no ventilation in either of these rooms, no light in the main kennel building, and some of the pens were all still overcrowded with giant breed dogs. There was still one Doberman in a plastic crate in the kennel building.

We entered the sunroom at the back of the house where she is housing 9 dogs: 8 Dobermans and 1 Boxer. The crates were reasonably clean but no one had access to water and as she let them out one at a time for us to photograph, it was apparent that they loved getting out of their small crates. They all needed to urinate and really didn’t want to go back in! She claims that she lets them out 3-4 times a day but I expressed concern that it would be very difficult for one person to let out so many individually crated dogs for proper daily exercise. We did a complete inventory of every dog on the property with a full descriptions and photograph (see attached list).

I explained to Mrs. Barrett that we had a veterinarian, Dr. Roo Makosky, examine and do physical examinations on the 8 dogs previously released to MHF. There were multiple medical problems including: 2 Great Dane puppies had pneumonia, all 3 Dane puppies were coughing / kennel cough, one Great Dane adult had multiple bite wounds/ scars all over her body with a very large “mass” on her ribcage that appears to be an encapsulated abscess, another Dane has very sore/ swollen foot pads with pressure sores from being housed on dirty hard surfaces, all 3 Great Dane puppies have a severe case of demodectic mange (skin scrapped positive for mites), 3 dogs have ear infections, 3 dogs had an ocular discharge/ eye infections, and fecal tests performed on 4 of the 8 dogs showed a moderate to heavy load of intestinal parasite: hookworms, whipworms and roundworms.

On January 17th, Mrs. Barrett relinquished an additional 3 Great Danes to MHF.

I visited her 3 separate websites and it appears that she had a very large number of puppies born in 2012. Her 3 websites are: zlatomira Kennels for her Great Danes. On this site she has 5 Great Dane litters listed that were born in 2012 with a total of 34 puppies. The website for her Boxers is: RGBG Kennel. This website listed 4 litters but the dates were unclear. Her other website is Canis-Maximus Kennels for her Dobermans where she has 8 litters listed born in 2012 with a total of 61 Doberman puppies born. I was unable to find a website for her breeding of French Bull Dogs. She does breed this breed as she told me so and she had recently purchased the 2 younger Frenchies for breeding purposes. With just these 3 breeds: Dobermans, Great Danes & Boxers, she produced 99 puppies in 2012. It appears that she sells dogs locally as well as Inter-state with many mentions of puppies being shipped out of state for a charge of $400. The web sites show a very large number of dogs being housed and produced over the past few years. With these numbers, this breeding facility can be classified as a puppy mill.

My concerns are that there are still way too many dogs on the property that are not being properly housed as well as it is practically impossible for one person to properly care for 37 adult dogs, several litters of puppies and 3 small children on a daily basis. Mrs. Barrett expressed that she will comply with whatever the county allows here, “even if it is only 10 dogs”. She is aware of all her violations and will comply with whatever guidelines that are set for her in order to not have her facility shut down for improper housing/ failure to provide proper care, and improper licensing.

Due to the multiple problems found at this property and the unusually high numbers of dogs being housed and procedure without proper licensing (no current kennel or breeding license and many adult dogs without current rabies vaccinations), it is my hope that Fauquier County Zoning will consider granting a kennel license for no more than 12 dogs that would allow Mrs. Barrett to provide a higher quality of daily care and a responsible/ higher quality breeding program.
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