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I used to diligently drop them in footsteps because that is how the people did it at the first sch club I went to. At the club I am at now the TD, Lance Collins, told me "you can do that if you want, but I'm too lazy and I don't think it makes a damn bit of difference." I stopped doing it that way just dropping the hot dogs bits in the middle of the track. I found it to be a hell of a lot easier, especially when you are doing FH or longer length tracks. I found for me being a novice, that it relieved me of one extra thing to think about. I found it is hard enough for me trying to remember where my track is without having to concentrate on dropping it directly in the footstep. I also found it not to make any difference. I can say that our tracking greatly improved over time. My scores in 7 trials ranged from low to mid 70's in the first 4 trials, to mid 80's, to high 80's. The last one was a 93, in a snow storm. I have found that tracking is very easy for the dog, and extremely difficult for me. There are many ways to do it. We teach puppies by walking in a circle about 20 feet in diameter dropping food in the path. The main thing I have learned is to try and stay out of the way. No tension on the leash, no steering, etc. The dog's nose is way better than my eyes or memory. Though if it is obvious she has steered more than a body length away from the track she gets a pop on the leash to block her. I still do not steer her back to the track. If I am in doubt I let it go because I think a misdirected correction is much worse than letting it go is she is off. She has learned to keep searching till she gets back "on track".

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