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Originally Posted by red_dobe_syd View Post
Alright, so I read a few posts and related articles regarding this activity and I have a few questions:

Syd and I had our first try at this. I trampled a square and sprinkled her dinner around in it and she did her job. Didnt wander outside the edges and was able to find every last kibble, even though it took a while. (i think its suppsoed to)

1. How do you approach the square? Do you heel the dog to it and then make a command "search" once you get to the edge?

2. Is there an order of searching the dog should do? like: Closest to furthest side of the square? Do you make a correction if she skips a few pieces or point them out?

3. When the food is all gone, she still was adimently looking for more, sniffing deep in the grass, when/how do you make her stop? Just pull her out, make her heel, reward with a treat from you had and congratulate her?

So after one session she seemed to make the distinction between trampled and regular grass. I plan on sticking to the square for at least a handfull more times and reducing the food quantity so she has to really search for it and learns the boudaries of stomped grass and regular grass and then venture for a short track from there.

Any suggestions?
where are the schutzhund folk? my experience has been with akc type tracking which has much less rigid requirements--i know that they use the square for a particular purpose which i believe has to do with keeping the dogs nose deep in the track & going footstep to footstep but i can't remember what the woman i used to track with did after the square.
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