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Originally Posted by Danielle_Mae View Post
Hello All!

- I want a male-are all males aggressive towards other male dogs? My boyfriend has a very submissively tempered beagle puppy that is a 4-5 month old male. What are the chances the two won’t get along, and will getting a puppy make the difference? This is very important to both of us-we spend a lot of time together so our pooches will too. =]
All male dobermans are potentially aggressive towards other males to some degree, and should be approached as such. Getting a puppy will mean that right now, they will likely get along - but as your pup gets older, it will mean that you will have NO IDEA if they will get along at all. An adult male doberman may be able to tolerate a puppy now, and ignore an adult later on down the line, as long as he doesn't have to live with the dog, but you cannot make such a guarantee for a puppy. Personally, while you may WANT a male, your best best is a female. Listen to what other people tell you, and do what is best for the situation, even if it's not what you think you want - any doberman can make a great pet, and females are wonderful as well. The male-male aggression can be a significant problem, and as a first time doberman owner, you really don't want to have to deal with this.

-Are the actual Rescue’s (i.e. the groups that obtain the dogs from their unfortunate situations) extremely intrusive? I know they are simply looking out for the best intentions of the animals, but nobody appreciates being told how they are going to do things. I’ve read over some of the applications (online) and I haven’t found any that ask too much, my concern is for the so-called ‘contracts’ they ask you to enter into. Anyone had experience?
Rescues are very concerned about where their dogs go, but so are breeders - first and foremost these are their dogs, and they want to make sure that their dogs end up in the right place. They are going to want to do a home visit, meet with everyone in the house, and such. And please know, while it's not a huge thing, your age is going to be a factor, since it appears you are at least a young person and still live at home with your family and have an uncertain future. For ANY person - rescue or breeder, that isn't the ideal time to get a dog. I am not sure you are going to even be OLD enough to adopt a dog from some rescues, depending on your age (this isn't meant offensively, I do not know how old you are).

-Will certain Rescue’s deny a person for ANYTHING & EVERYTHING?? For example-I know a lot of them ask that you have a 6’ fence in your back yard…I don't have one & do I plan on getting one either. My back yard is huge (almost 3.5 acres) it’d be pretty expensive to put a fence of that size in. Plus I don't know that my parents would be willing to do that. Do they make any attempts at all to work with interested persons?
Each rescue has certain things they will and will not compromise on. You don't have to fence in all 3.5 acres, but are you planning on fencing ANYTHING in? Rescue isn't the only group that has requirements - a breeder is likely going to want you to have a fence as well - a good responsible breeder is going to want the same things as a good breeder. It's only by going to poor, BYB's and the like that you escape the requirements.

-Being that I still live with my parents…say I get a Dobe from a Rescue and 2 years later I am able to move out on my own, (going back to the intrusiveness of the actual Rescue) am I not going to be able to take the dog with me b/c of the contract? I have a lot of apprehensions about the contract.
just so you know, you sign a contract when you purchase a puppy too. If you sign the contract that the dog is yours, it travels with you, not lives on the property. If you move away from your parents house, the dog would move with you, why would it stay at your parents house? You would still need to make sure you meet the requirements of the adoption, however - Ie fencing, housing that allows dobermans, etc.

-Finally…& this isn’t a really big deal, but are names changeable? I know that it borderlines on just plain confusion of the dog, but some of the rescued Dobe’s have really dumb names (in my opinion). Would the age of the dog be the ultimate decider for this?
I've changed names and kept names on all ages of dobermans, and it hasnt' made a difference the age of the dog, they all catch on easily.

I've adopted 5 different dogs from 4 different rescues (2 doberman specific and 2 general) and purchased one puppy, and all had requirements. Some I met, some were bent, some I had to change my life to meet, but they are in place for a reason. Doing your research is worth it, keep doing more.

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