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One of the most helpful things I have found in heeling was the '300 count' game or whatever its called. If the dog is being 'blah' about heeling, I make it more fun. I'll take 1 step, immediately release, play play play. Then take 3 steps, release, reward, play. Then 5 steps, then 7 steps, then up to maybe 30-40 and end the session after that.

I've found that helpful for dogs learning how to build the length/duration but also for cough cough my own dog when I've been slacking on heeling for awhile and he goes a bit 'flat'.

As far as corrections for looking away, this is a very tricky subject. I personally would not do it with a dog until they can positively maintain focus reliably for at least 50 paces, under distractions, and so on. But maybe that's just me. I see wayyy too many people trying to give their dogs nicks with the collar for looking away but 9 times out of ten, the dog just ain't that into it and the handler's timing and corrections are merely making it worse.

I do utilize corrections for looking away, but I am very tentative with how and when I do it depending upon the dog.
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