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Glad this site is available...however,unless you talk to directly to me, or come to my home, how are you going to know how I truly do things? I own my own male because then I know what I have. I have run across "reputable" breeders that fudge paperwork and health testing results. (yes for a fact!) I do not line breed or inbreed. I do extensive pedigree, temperament and health result background research, prior to my purchasing my Dobermans and expect nothing less from people that purchase from me. I did import from Greece & prefer Euro's over "American". I do not co-own because I prefer to raise & train "my own". ( I missed the class on sharing in Kindergarten). I am very protective over my Dobermans as I am sure you all are over your 4 legged babies! I do not put any info with AKC, UKC or OFFA up on my website because I have had them copy and pasted and used without my consent from another "breeder", collecting money from unsuspecting "victims" telling them they bred to my male. How do I know this? Because, someone who didnt receive a puppy called me in tears & asked if I bred to her female and yes I had to get the law involved. In my area the AKC show people, co-own many, many dogs together & yes it looks like a breeder only has 1 or 2 litters in actuality they have many more. Frankly, I dont care what anyone does, it is irrelevant to me. Do I have proof of all my accusations? Absolutely! I dont know why but people always bring things (paperwork,photos of living conditions etc. I even get the full story from Vets that are on call at the dog shows). Do I name names & show proof, nope...its none of my business. I do not need to expand my Doberman Family by saying "Oh you dont want one of their puppies, because" I truly believe in Karma, I also know what I do and thats good enough for me. I have tried to get involved in Trials, Tracking,etc for working titles, but in my area that is very limited. I have tried Conformation and did well. However, the politics is BRUTAL! Is it worth,being pinned against the pole before going in the ring by the "AKC people" or getting "hate emails" after I show up "in their ring" with a Euro? When I kick their butts in the ring,yes it is! I dont know why people want to express opinions about others when they do not have the facts. Nature of the Beast, Dog Eat Dog World? Who knows...I dont lose sleep over it. Like I said, I know what I do, I know how my dogs are, I know what health testing I've done....I know my dogs sleep on my couch and bed. They have litters in my sunroom, not outside or in the basement...(& so on & so on...All I ever tell people is do your research, look at Health reports and go to the breeders home! Kelly
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