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Did you take formal obedience classes or train yourself. How many classes did you take? Do you still continue to train when not in class?
We took a puppy class that consisted of five one hour classes. We continue to train twice a week with our schutzhund club.
How important/beneficial is obedience training to you for this breed?
Essential unless you want your dog to run your house.
Where do you train outside of classes? (backyard, walks, public places)
At home, inside and outside.
How much time do you spend in a training session? Do you find it easy to train a male or a female? Do you think a doberman is easy to train compared to other breeds?
5-10 minutes at a time. I haven't had both a male and a female Doberman, just a female. I think they are easier to train than other breeds I have had, but sometimes get overly enthusiastic! That's ok though, it's fun!
What type of rewards do you use, if any? (food, toy, praise) Do you use any special training aids? (leashes, clickers, etc) What methods of training do you use?
Since my dog is a puppy, we are using food. No clickers.
What have the rewards/accomplishments been since you started training your doberman?
So far, a better house dog!
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