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Question Neutral ground introductions

In reading through the gazillion posts on the site, I've begun to wonder about something. Does the neutral territory introduction apply to humans when meeting Dobies? Camille was 3 when I introduced her to Sherri (my now significant other) at her favorite park. We had been dating a couple of weeks and I told Sherri that I would give up my Camille for no-one, not for any reason, end of subject.
Sherri had never been up close with a Dobie before, but wasn't apprehensive. So we take different cars to meet at the park, and I swear I lost my dog that day. Camille was instantly in love. We came back to my home, and Camille began her now permanent position of her head in Sherri's lap, laying between the two of us on the couch. Do you think the introduction influenced this? Camille was ALWAYS very alert and protective of me (not aggresive) when she'd meet people at home. I know that Dobies are very good at determining the character of people. Picking up that "vibe". Maybe I just answered my own question.
I dunno, just wondering if any of you guys had any insight to this.


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