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How did you teach your Doberman to not pull on a leash? Any particular methods did you use?

From the very beginning he has always wanted to stay right next to me, hasnt really been a problem. He has his moments, but he was really easy.

At what age did you start to see any improvements? How often do they need reminders?

I see improvements in him each time we go out. Since he is a puppy I try not to "remind" him to much, because I dont want him to get burned out. I give him a small margin of error and he pretty much knows his boundries. He will pretty much "foos" or "heel" on command.

What type of collar and leash do you use? (prong, harness, flexi, etc)
Nylon flat collar when playing. Pinch/Prong Collar when training. No collar in the house. 6ft Nylon leash.

What distractions are the hardest to overcome?
Lets see...when he was about 8-9 weeks old, everytime he heard a dog bark, he would just stop dead in his tracks and look around for a minute. We overcame that and now suddenly he has an issue with cars driving past us, I think it is just that 10-16week fear stage though, I just encourage him to keep moving, some days are better than others but I think he will be fine.

Are there any particular situations that you find more difficult to walk in than others? (Large crowds, parks, other dogs around)
Not really, but he is still young. We will see.
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