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Originally Posted by robinb View Post
Life is not always fair. Moreover, levels of expertise are not equal in any endeavor in life. When I have a dog related question I always turn to someone who has a proven record of expertise. I want to know who they are and exactly where they have been in the dog world. The titles a person has accumulated are as important as the individual dog titles in my opinion, as each is a learning and knowledge gaining experience. Know who your mentors are and where they have been!
I agree with this statement in general, but for the sake of this thread and the inexperienced people reading it (such as myself), let's put it in context of this forum.

Turning to someone who has a "proven record of expertise" is great advice. ...Assuming that's what you (collective "you") get whenever you pose a question on DT is pretty far-fetched.

That's one of the many faults of cyber-chat. Many of us pet owners come on here seeking advice, suggestions, and opinions from the educated, knowledgeable and experienced population, but in actuality, we really don't know who we're getting this information from (unless we know them personally and/or know their "track record").

We come on here in hopes to learn more useful information about our beloved breed, which, I think, is why the majority of us is made up of pet owners, and not breeders or others who work in the dog world.

Much of the opinions I read on here are taken with a grain of salt because I know they are just that - opinions. And although they may be stated by the most knowledgeable Doberman person on the face of the earth (let me know when any of us step up to claim that title ), unless their statements are backed up with factual information, I usually will take it upon myself to verify what has been posted (depending on how interested I am in whatever topic is being discussed).

On another note, in my personal experience on DT, I have read some very useful information from novice pet owners, and some of the most unnecessary and irrelevant comments from those with a lot of "expertise".

One thing I will say about the pet owners on this forum: many of us love this breed as much as those who have been in the trenches for many years. We are hungry to learn how to best care for our dogs, and are anxious to hear what many of the experienced members have to say.

But...but, regardless of your level of knowledge, please remember there is a kind way to deliver your message. And that leads into another topic altogether: how much emotion is too much when posting on a forum? Yeesh.
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